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Our company was founded in 2007, based on the industry of cosmetics, which was the food faith of business. Nowadays the market requirements are more and more vast. In order to satisfy the customers, we research and develop all kinds of new products, and provide the high quality of service to the customers. After many years technology research and development , our company increased investment in 2014, then set up in Guangzhou , Conghua Mingzhu Industrial Park.

Our company has essential certificate, works on design and research and development. And it's also a procreative factory of high standart to produce and sell. So our new honest TRUST GROUP Cosmetics con., Ltd is looking forward to cooperate and develop with the masses of cooperate and develop with the masses of customers, and build the win-win market.

Our product of our company was passed the SGS international certification body and the detection of of Guangzhou, China's analysis and test center. The non-toxic test items including VSDS, ROHS, heavy metal, formaldehyde, benzene, DBP, BBP, phthalate and ester and so on. All the results of the test items are qualified.

Our product of our company was in favor of the branding customers both at home and abroad, so our customers are all over in China but also in Europe and America, Russia, Southeast Asia and

OEM produce commonly known as Original Equipment Manufacture production. It means that we don't produce product for brand producers directly, but use our available key core technology to research design new product and control sales channels.

Our specific manufacturing task is to delegate other cognate factory to produce through purchasing contact, and them make our brand provisions directly.

Our company focus on the service of large package, OEM produce, OEM, design, color modulation, filling and so on, which are the line of related product like nail polish from branding business at home and abroad. Our product is cost-effective that can order from low volume.

Our professional matching and good servise are warm welcome dy the branding business at home and abroad.

Package design of brand

The package design of brand directly influence visual effect of the brand. TRUST GROUP Cosmetics has professional team of designers and abundant industry experience. Customers only need to offer registered name of brand. Our TRUST GROUP will service all design services and packing for customers such as logo, battle, pack and so on.

Controlled procreative cycle

It's very important to control the procreative cycle for brand marketing planning and operation. Our company has 3000 square meter's factory, with 1000 kg daily production. At the same time, TRUST GROUP Cosmetics has independent outstanding reserch and development by order processing system. We have enough goods on time to provide powerful logistical support.

Professional supporting services

The supply of high quality product is one of the most important successful brand operations. TRUST GROUP Cosmetics can provide important reference opinion and offerable sosial resource at all points such as brand positioning, propaganda channel , market analysis , User Experience and so on.





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